Sunday, June 22, 2008


The dogs on the beach love to track crabs. In a future posting, I will show a dog who digs holes in the sand following the crabs. The crabs are colorful and they can climb bushes, like this one, not content to stay in the ocean. They are shy and scurry away before a person or dog can get too close.

The presence of crabs in the bushes along beach is reflected by the fact that in Costa Rica there is a species of racoon that is named the "crab-eating racoon." You probably think of racoons as a woodland animal, not a tropical beach animal, but we regularly see racoons at night.


ken mac said...

This makes me hungry!

lady jicky said...

I tracked you over from Riveria Dogs and thought - hey! Where are the DOGS! LOL
Putting you on my favourites and hope to see some Tropical dogs ....

David said...

lady jicky,

I hope that you scrolled down to see the two previous posts to check out the dogs enjoying the tidepools. There will be some additional dog photos in the future, as the dogs love the beach.

When traveling with my mother-in-law, who has three dogs, I was amused that in the most dazzling of sights in Europe, she would be ignoring the world's great landmarks that we had come there to see, and she would be taking pictures of whatever dogs were in the area. So I also started to take dog pictures to give to her, in part because it was painful to look at her pictures, taken with a camera without a telephoto lens sufficient for the purpose.

She now has several photo albums of pictures I have given her of dogs around the world. My objective is to get one picture shat shows the dog in its location that makes it apparent that the location is a foreign country, and to take a close-up picture of the same dog. She checks the Riviera Dogs Daily Photo site religiously.

Hilda said...

With such a bright color, I completely understand the dogs. I'd probably join in the fun too! ;)

lady jicky said...

David! I take photos of dogs around in my trips too!
Tell your Mum to post on the site! I would love to read what she thinks of each dog!!!

David -- said...

Lady Jicky,

I will encourage my mother-in-law to post her comments about dogs on Riviera Dogs Daily Photo, and on this site, but I predict that she will need technical assistance to post a comment.

Her "dogs around the world" photo albums began as a result of our honeymoon in France six years ago. My mother-in-law joined us for the middle 10 days or so of a three week trip (I know, this is strange.) We went to the Eiffel Tower and I was taking photos from various angles, and I looked over at her, and she was walking around the grassy park taking pictures of dogs, explaining that why would anyone look at the Eiffel Tower when there are dogs around.

THe next day we drove to Dijon, and instead of admiring the quaint buildings with artistically patterned, multi-colored tiled roofs, she was taking pictures of dogs on the other side of the street -- without a telephoto lens.

The next day, at the beautiful lakefront park in Geneva, she ignored the beauty of the lake and mountains and the charm of the town. She was too busy walking around the park following every dog with her camera. The next day, we began a week in Monaco, and the dogs there are undoubtedly the best kept dogs on the planet.

At that point I decided that as long as it was inevitable that she would take dog pictures whenever she travels, I might as well accept the challenge of trying to take good dog pictures for her. It has become such a habit that when we travel, friends traveling with us start pointing out dogs for me to photograph.

You can imagine her delight when, years later, the Riviera Dogs Daily Photo website started up.


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