Thursday, June 19, 2008

May the bird join for lunch?

Tiny Costa Rica has 850 different bird species -- twice as many as the USA and Canada combined! You never have to go far to admire beautiful birds. In fact, they may be as close as . . . your lunch companion.

What might this white-throated magpie jay be thinking? Perhaps, "I'm better looking than you," or "I hear they have great sushi here at dinner."

Magpie jays breed cooperatively. Only the oldest pair of a group breeds, and all of the others help build the nest and feed the young. The mother incubates the eggs (for 16 to 21 days) and she is fed by her mate during that time.

Perhaps that explains this bird who wanted to join our lunch. His wife probably said, "Honey, please fly over to one of the many open air restaurants, such as the Cala Luna Resort in Langosta, and pick up some carry-out food for me for lunch."


julia said...

Many species of birds are reduced in numbers around here so its great you have so many.

David said...

To enhance habitats for birds and to help fight global warming, Costa Rica plans to plant 7 million new trees this year, up from the 5 million new trees planted in the country last year.

Felicia said...

Hi David, thanks for visiting San Diego Daily Photo and for sharing your memories of the Starlight Express! Congratulations on your blog, you have some beautiful photos and I'm looking forward to seeing more. This jay is much cuter than the California variety - I like his "necklace" and the little tuft of hair.

Anonymous said...

David, thanks for the site.

Lovely bird...looking forward to seeing more.

We are fortunate to have a pair of Resident Road Runners...they raised one chick this year.


Misawa Mama said...

Beautiful pictures! Someday I might get the chance to visit.

A bird landed on our breakfast table in Hawaii awhile back. This picture was a good reminder :)

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