Saturday, June 28, 2008


This row of surfboards at night in a Tamarindo surf shop awaits renters to use the boards the next day. There are many surf shops in Tamarindo where people can rent boards and/or receive surfing lessons.

I have never tried surfing. I know, that makes as much sense as someone who lives at Pebble Beach who has never tried to play golf. Fortunately, Tamarindo is much more than a surfing town. There are many other things to do in the area and many other ways to enjoy the surf, sand and ocean.


Gail's Man said...

Hi David

Thanks for the reply to my comments on Jilly's page re photographing poor people. There must be some relatively normal people that don't have swiss bank accounts. What about refuse collectors, post office workers? your hotel dry cleaning person? Where do they live, how do they dress. Be interesting to see.

David -- said...

To: Gail's Man,
My comment on the Monaco Daily Photo in response to your comment about the lack of "ordinary people" in Monaco applies, to a lesser extent, to resort areas worldwide, including Tamarindo. As resorts become very desireable and attract outside investment, the real estate prices go up and fewer local working people can afford to live there. That is the case with Monaco, surely, and other places such as Vail, Colorado, etc. In Tamarindo, most of the local workers ride the bus in from Villareal, about 10 km away, or Santa Cruz, about 30 minutes away. The housing in Tamarindo is marketed primarily to foreigners who have moved to Tamarindo or who want to have second homes or condos there.

magiceye said...

nice composition..

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