Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach or pool?

This is the beachside pool of the Tamarindo Diria resort. Guests face the difficult decision: should we swim and lounge by the pool, or by the beach, or on the beach?

The Diria has a large beachfront location right in the heart of Tamarindo. The beach in front of the Diria was the subject of
my first photo posted on this website. Although the beaches in Costa Rica are public, the hotel grounds are naturally reserved for guests at the hotel and people who own condos that are part of the resort complex. The Diria has a staff person at the beach where you walk from the sand to the resort grounds to make sure that non-guests are not trying to use the lounge chairs, pool, and other amenities that are quite understandably reserved for hotel guests.

The Diria is the largest resort in Tamarindo. It also has another pool, much larger than the one shown in this photo, and I will show a photo of it in a couple of days.

If you will indulge me in a personal reflection, my wife and I initially visited Tamarindo because a travel agent booked us to vacation at the Diria Resort for a week several years ago at the end of our first trip to Costa Rica. That led to us first buying one, and then a second condo and to become part of the Tamarindo community.

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Sailor Girl said...

First, the Pool! Then the Baech! Then back to the pool and then to the beach! Aaaahhhhhh! That's Paradise!!!!!!

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