Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cattle drive through town

On a visit to the pottery village of Guaitil, which was the subject of my June 23 photo, you can imagine my surprise in seeing cattle being driven through the middle of town. Two boys were rounding their herd back to a corral for the night after a day in the pasture.

This quaint practice did yield to technology, as the two boys performed their cattle round up duties on a bicycle and a small motorcycle. The cattle made a right turn at the town square, where they should have gone straight through the intersection, presumably after obeying the stop sign. This photo was taken right after the boys had sped around in front of the herd and got them turned around and heading back to the square, where they made a right turn for a block, then a left, and on back to their corral.

The Guanacaste province of northwest Costa Rica has a tradition of cattle ranching, but usually the cattle are on haciendas or fincas, not in the middle of town.


Hilda said...

Thank goodness we don't see that kind of thing in Manila anymore! There were some areas where we did when I was much younger, and it still happens a lot in the provinces.

. . .

Bandung Daily Photo just gave me an Arte y Pico blog award for My Manila, and I'm giving it to you too. I have the announcement on the second half of my Flash flood post. I hope you accept it—it's all in good fun.


David -- said...


Similar to your comment about Manila, we would never see cattle in the streets in a town such as Tamarindo. The photo I posted was from Guatil, a small village. In Costa Rica we can see cows in the villages and in the pastures, but not in the larger towns.

Sometimes we see ox carts being used, and Costa Ricans have a wonderful tradition of brightly painted ox carts. I will try to take a photo of one being used to post in the future.

I will also be posting more photos to show what the town of Tamarindo looks like. It was recently described in Forbes Magazine as Costa Rica's most popular beach town. It is rapidly developing, but it is still not large by international standards. We do not yet have, nor do we need, any traffic signals.

Congratulations on your well deserved Arte y Pico Award for your My Manila daily photo site. I am flattered by your thoughtfulness in designating my Tamarindo, Costa Rica Daily Photo site to receive the award, particularly since my site is only six weeks old. I will continue to try to meet the standards that caused you to confer this award.

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