Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Glowing (and growing) Tamarindo

This photo shows the central part of Tamarindo catching the last light of the day. To illustrate the recent growth of Tamarindo, below is photo of the same area that I took two and half years ago.
Comparing these two photos shows the rapid, and upward, development of Tamarindo during the last few years, which has been a topic of my photos and comments in my posts during the past week or so.

These photos show the central part of Tamarindo beach in the area of the Diria Resort. The palm trees along the beach are on the grounds of the Diria and are the palm trees whose shadows on the beach were the subject of the first photo that I posted on this site. The large building in the right central part of the photo is the new condo building that is part of the Diria Resort complex. My wife and I are about to close the purchase of a condo on the 4th floor.

These photos show the recent practice of building taller condo buildings. The higher density makes possible the sale of more units, and enables higher prices if the condos have a view of the ocean. This has led to the Presidential decree I described a few days ago that will limit the height and density of future buildings.

I will now transition from the series of photos 0f the town of Tamarindo last week and this week. Tomorrow and the next few days I will show photos of a national park that I have not yet featured on this website.

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babooshka said...

I need to read all these post properly, but internet problems mean
I can't stay long enough. It is interesting to see the effect that tourism has on not only the economy but the lifestyle and environmental landscape.

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