Friday, August 22, 2008

Bamboo Groove Shop

Yesterday I posted a story about the dog that belongs to a shopkeeper. Here is her shop. The bamboo out front is not just the theme for this shop, but also for a related business that uses bamboo and used shipping containers to make environmentally-friendly, affordable housing. That will be the subject of tomorrow's post. Here is the interior of the shop.
The shop is called Bamboo Groove, and all of the cabinets, clothing racks, and furnishings are made of bamboo. The clothes are all natural, and the Dutch shopkeeper, Tanja, designs some of the products herself. My wife has bought some jewelry at the shop, and when I bought a tee-shirt last week it came not in a plastic bag, but in a basket made from bamboo.

The use of bamboo is a theme that Tanja shares with her boyfriend, a Dutch architect who designs and builds houses from empty shipping containers and bamboo. I will explain that extraordinary and brilliant business idea in tomorrow's post.


Anonymous said...

Gosh -- the world would be a lot better off if more people used bamboo. It is grass or of that family and when I was in Japan, they made scaffolding out of it and climbed all over the place on it. You can see it on my Sendai, Japan blog -- or I should say the time when I was there. I may have to post a picture of that bamboo scaffolding.

This is a really nice post and I am looking forward to seeing the one tomorrow.

I had a friend who picked up driftwood and other things off the shores of Victoria Island. He made some amazing things out of what he found there. Bamboo is not an exploited resource as far as I know.

I know the state of Ohio, where I live, now had a ban on it as it is invasive. So you can only buy a kind of fake bamboo. Years ago before the ban I bought one piece with roots and it took over and ruined out fence and I had one devil of a time getting rid of it.


David -- said...

How right you are about the spread of bamboo. It is great, but in its place. When I lived in Arlington, Virginia, we bought a house in the middle fo the winter. We failed to notice that the neighbor had bamboo around a water feature that bordered our property. In spring, we had bamboo spikes shooting out of our yard. They seemed to grow a foot a day. I spend years pulling them up by the roots, as the formed a honeycombed network under the back yard.

What can be a nuisance when grown where you don't it can be a valuable resource when cultivated properly. I have seen bamboo scaffolding widely used today in China. It is a remarkable renewable resource.

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