Sunday, August 24, 2008

Roadside rest stop

This garden was at a roadside rest stop on the road to Monteverde. Monteverde is a popular destination for tourists. The rest stop has a cafe, gift shop and this garden out back with a small zoo so tourists can enjoy a little walk while stretching their legs.

I posted a variety of photos from Monteverde ove rthe past week or so. It is a magnet for tourists and environmentalists because of its pristine cloud forest. Biologists are working there to study and preserve many species of plants and animals. They are also measuring the impact of global warming and have noted that certain species of butterflies are now living only at higher elevations than the area that had traditionally been their habitat.

Costa Rica attracts young people from all over the world to study and work on environmental issues. My wife has made the observation that Costa Rica today attracts young environmentalists much like Paris attracted artists and writers from all over the world early in the 20th century. Let's hope that they will achieve a similar impact on the world.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous garden! It looks like a great stopping off point.

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