Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art gallery 2

Here are two photos of the inside of a Tamarindo art gallery that specializes in paintings, ceramics and wood objects, such as boxes and framed mirrors, that evoke the design elements, colors and textures of the Andes.
The gallery is called Arte de Origen. Here is a link to the website for the gallery. They evidently have one gallery in Tamarindo and another in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Below is the front of the gallery. It is located in the Plaza Conchal shopping center, which is in the center of Tamarindo.
We have purchased a large painting from this gallery for our condo in Langosta. We have also bought several of their painted boxes with Andean designs in bold colors, which make popular gifts for people back home in the USA.
The owner is from Argentina, and there are other Argentines in Tamarindo. In the future I will post photos of a tango-themed restaurant that has tango shows on Saturday nights, and there is an exercise and dance studio in Tamarindo that offers tango lessons.


Sharon said...

I do remember this store. I liked those mirrors very much.

Hilda said...

Sounds like my kind of store! Natural materials, native crafts, wonderful!

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