Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is a full-body shot of a crocodile. I previously posted a
close up photo of a crocodile's head. This is the American crocodile, which can reach 7 meters (21.5 feet) in length.

Crocodiles are commonly and safely viewed in Costa Rica from wildlife viewing excursions. Tour operators will pick up visitors at condos or hotels in Tamarindo/Langosta and take them out to Palo Verde National Park to view wildlife from boats like the jungle cruise at Disneyland.

There are crocodiles up river in the Tamarindo estuary, but not on the beach. There is a small hotel with an excellent restaurant in Tamarindo, appropriately named Laguna del Cocodrilo, that has a lagoon with a crocodile. I will show photos of it in the future.

Tomorrow I will show a photo of a caiman so that you can compare a crocodile with a caiman.


Steffe said...

Amazing animals they are. Good shot.

Sharon said...

He looks a little hungry, don't you think?

Barbara Rahal said...

This is a great shot, this guys are amazing!! I would love to get closer with my lens....not really close though they are way to strong for me...and I look too friendly for them... he he he nice one!

Frankie / Nick said...

A wonderful shot, presume that a high powered lens was used. Thank you for sharing this unique specimen.

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