Friday, September 5, 2008

Front facade of St. Mary's Church

Above is the front facade of the new St. Mary's Church, made from granite blocks.
The architectural style or shape of the front facade looks to me to be more Italian in style than the Spanish style that is more commonly seen in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. There is no tower. The shape of the facade reminds me of churches such as the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence or the church in San Gimignano in Tuscany, not Spanish churches.
The marble panel of Saint Gabriel above the front door weighs more than 4 metric tons (4.5 tons).

Below are close-up photos of the two statues mounted on the front facade.


Hilda said...

I like it, whatever style it is. Is it all marble? It's the only reason I can think of why that panel's so heavy! Unless the scale's deceiving, and it's really huge. The church doesn't appear to be very big.

David -- said...

You are correct. The panel of Saint Gabriel is marble and it is at least 2 meters high and wide.

The church is not large by the standards of major cities, such as Manila where you live. It is certainly adequate for towns the size of Tamarindo. On Monday I will post a photo from the interior that will give a perspective on its interior size.

Tomorrow I will show the church in the nearest local town to Tamarindo. You will see the contrast to this new church.

Hilda said...

Churches in Manila are not big — even our cathedrals are tiny compared to others I've seen posted in CDP. I think it's because every barangay (the smallest political unit here) has at least one.

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