Monday, September 8, 2008

Workers in Church

These are the final pictures in my series on the new St. Mary's Church, and I would be remiss if we did not recognize the workers whose efforts have created such a masterpiece.

Costa Rica possesses a very skilled construction workforce because of the huge amount of construction that has occurred in recent years, particularly in the northwest Pacific coast region of Guanacaste. Some of those contructions projects are large.

Tamarindo has many new condominium buildings that have been built or are under construction. The beach just south of town is the site of a new J.W. Marriott Resort that is nearing completion. There is a Four Seasons Resort up the coast in the Gulf of Papagayo, and other major hotels are under construction or in the planning stages in the area. A new terminal is scheduled for construction next year at the international airport in Liberia, and a huge marina development project is scheduled for Playa Flamingo, just north of Tamarindo (more about that later).

1 comment:

Sharon said...

These pictures really show the size of the church. I think the mosaic alter piece is just beautiful. It has a sort of modern look, but the work is very traditional.

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