Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adventure rental shop

Tourists who rent one of our condos often ask about the activities in the area, especially for their teenagers. Here is a photo that shows one of the answers -- a store that rents ATVs and equipment and arranges many other outdoor activities, such as surfing, kayak tours, zip lines, horseback riding, wave runner/jet skis, scuba diving, snorkeling and other boat trips, and other activities.

The name of the shop is Hightide Adventure Tours. They are located between the two main intersections in town, and they have a website that gives further information. They also provide lessons.

For people who want an adrenaline rush during their vacation, the Tamarindo area of Costa Rica has plenty to offer. Teenage visitors (and others) will have plenty of stories and photos to share with their friends when they return home. In fact, in this Internet age, the teenagers will likely start sharing their photos with friends before they return home.

I previous posted photos of my wife enjoying the zip lines on August 18 and August 19. Tomorrow and the next day I will post photos from an ATV ride.

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