Friday, October 17, 2008

Dragonfly Bar and Grill

This is the entrance to the Dragonfly Bar and Grill. Like most restaurants in Tamarindo, it is open air, with a roof, but no walls on the front and both sides.

The second photo shows the interior. (Please excuse the blurriness, but I took the photo at night without a flash, as I did not want to bother the patrons or the waitress by flashing a photo in the middle of their meal.)

Dragonfly has a website that includes its menu and photos of its meals. Its entrees include creative meals such as Fiery Thai beef over glass noodles & herbs with chile-lime vinaigrette and chopped peanuts; Filet mignon over charred onion & roasted garlic mashed potatoes, french beans & stone ground mustard sauce; Chipotle & green onion glazed crispy chicken breast over sweet corn cake & fresh avocado, and Pan roasted Mahi-Mahi over sweet corn and orzo salad with a cilantro pesto.

As I have mentioned before, my wife is very serious about fine dining, and the presence of excellent restaurants in Tamarindo was crucial to our decision to buy a condo (actually, two condos) in town. We decided to buy condos right in town rather than at one of the destination resorts outside of town because we want to be able to walk to a variety of excellent restaurants.

Dragonfly is located just a short walk from the main intersection in Tamarindo. It is one of our favorite restaurants in town.


Radman said...

Looks nice and the menu from the website is certainly appealing.

Hotel Coco Rico said...

Hey, it's our neighbor,

the food is awesome, the staff friendly and the bill reasonable.

Pura Vida :)

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