Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kitchen in Tico lunch shack

This is the cooking area of the kitchen of the lunch shack shown in yesterday's photo. It is not a typical restaurant kitchen, as the lunch shack is not a typical restaurant.

The equivalent of a multiple burner wood stove has been built on a counter top, capable of supporting multiple skillets at the same time.
Here is a close up of the food cooking in a skillet.

This lunch shack was built in a very small village in a rural area near Palo Verde National Park. It operates to serve the vans that bring tourists for wildlife boat tours. It gives people a local lunch experience after a wildlife boat tour, before the van returns to Tamarindo. The lunch is included in the cost of the wildlife boat excursion.

Tomorrow I will show a photo of a typical lunch of traditional Costa Rica food.


Layrayski said...

I love love the photos! So reminiscent of the kitchens of my grandma.

Lilli & Nevada said...

My goodness that is certainly an interesting kitchen.Very nice photos

Hilda said...

Reminds me of our rural 'dirty' (so called because they're outside the house) kitchens.

I want those skillets! I've been looking for a large cast-iron skillet for two years now. They're gone here in Manila. =(

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