Sunday, November 9, 2008

Langosta estuary

This is the mouth of the Langosta estuary, looking from the ocean inland. The bird shown in yesterday's photo was walking along at this spot. The estuary provides habitat for wildlife on the south side of Tamarindo. The Tamarindo estuary provides wildlife habitat on the north side of Tamarindo.

The Langosta estuary is available for fishing and kayaking. It also provides a natural boundary that separates Langosta from the rest of Tamarindo, except for the one road along the beach that leads from Tamarindo into Langosta.

There is a master-planned development, called the Tamarindo Preserve, that intends to build trails, a nature center, and other facilities, including condos, shops and restaurants, on the Tamarindo side of the Langosta estuary, outside the wetlands area.

The Tamarindo estuary on the north side of Tamarindo is much larger and is part of the Las Baulas National Marine Park. Boat tours of the mangrove wetlands allow wildlife viewing opportunities.

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Dina said...

Beautiful photos along with some very lovely scenery.

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