Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tamarindo Diria pool

This is one of the swimming pools at the Tamarindo Diria Resort. It is the largest pool in Tamarindo, 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) in size. It has sloping, beach style sides so you can wade right into the pool. There is a swim-up snack bar so you can eat or drink in the shade without leaving the pool. There are also islands, bridges, statues, fountains and secluded areas.

I am showing this pool today (and the photo below) as a comparison to the Four Seasons pool shown yesterday. Access to the above pool is limited to hotel guests and the residents and guests of the condo buildings that are part of the Diria Resort. (The building where my wife and I have a condo is barely visible at the left edge of the above photo.) This pool can be enjoyed at a fraction of the price of the Four Seasons. The pool above is located at a resort in the middle of Tamarindo, which has been described by Forbes Magazine as Costa Rica's most popular beach town. The Four Seasons pool shown yesterday is located at a resort that is within a private, secluded peninsula.

I have never seen the above pool crowded, as most Diria hotel guests seem to spend more time at the other resort pool and the many lounge chairs under the palm trees by the beach. Here is a photo of the beach-side pool.

Whether one prefers the experience of a destination resort such as the Four Seasons Papagayo or resort in Tamarindo such as the Diria is a matter of personal preference, and affordabilty (one can stay at a resort or condo in Tamarindo or Langosta for a fraction of the price of the Four Seasons).


Sharon said...

I remember walking around this resort and admiring that very pool. It really is a nice place.

Jarart said...

Beautiful setting and water every where.

magiceye said...

how lovely!

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