Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tamarindo from the air

This is a photo of Tamarindo from the air. Tamarindo beach and town are in the foreground, and Langosta beach is at the top right of the photo.

I took this photo on my first visit to Tamarindo about three years ago. That is the only time that I have flown directly to Tamarindo (on a commuter flight from San Jose). Thus, this was my only opportunity to take a photo of the area from a plane. (I have flown to the international airport in Liberia on all of my subsequent trips.) Today, there would be more condo buildings visible in a comparable photo because of the building boom of recent years.

I hope this photo gives a perspective on the broad, crescent shaped beach at Tamarindo and the location of Tamarindo and Langosta. People who are interested in renting our condo directly on the ocean at Langosta Beach will sometimes ask if it is possible to walk to the center of Tamarindo from Langosta. As this photo shows, it is a pleasant walk and a very comfortable distance, walking along either the road or along the beach.

I apologize for the angle of the photo, but I was in a small plane and the plane was banking to land at Tamarindo airport at the time.


MurciaDailyPhoto and said...

I think that it's a great photo.
That's the way to show a nice beach.

Jarart said...

Wonderful view of the beach!

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