Monday, December 22, 2008

Tico family patriarch

This is the patriarch of the Tico family at whose house we enjoyed some refreshments during a raft float trip on the Penas Blancas River in central Costa Rica. He was in his 90's. His brother, also in his 90's, also helped to host our group of approximately 30 American tourists. Several generations of his family were active in serving the group, with the women, not surprising, being the most active in hosting and serving guests.

He had a charming, warm, friendly family. We were pleased that rather than just floating past his farm, we could walk around and see how a typical local farming family lived, and could also help the family through the fees that the river trip operators paid to provide the rest stop at the farm.


Jarart said...

This fellow looks pretty good for being in his 90's. He must have a happy life there.

glenda said...

Love seeing the local people. How good to be able to meet and talk with locals

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