Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new and the old in central Tamarindo

This photo shows the old and the new in Tamarindo. The shops in the lower right are traditional surf shops and hostels that cater to surfers. The new building under construction is an upscale condo being marketed primarily to foreigners.

The new condo under construction is directly across the street from the Centro Commerical Plaza building that I showed two days ago. It is located about two blocks from the beach, although the condos from the third floor and up will have nice views of the ocean and Tamarindo Bay as well as the mountains.

A reflection of how the property is marketed to international purchasers is this section of the sign near the sales center. Note that the sign, like most signs in Tamarindo, is in English. Spanish gets secondary treatment equal to the treatment of 7 other languages. The website for this building,, advertises that it combines "New York style" with a Costa Rica beach location, with the ocean by day and international restaurants and night life in the evening. That marketing strategy would not be possible if it were not for the growth of Tamarindo that I have tried to illustrate in the recent posts on this website.

The website also mentions that the developers engaged in a project to plant more than 500 trees in the watershed of Tamarindo. Hopefully, the environment of the area around Tamarindo will be protected and preserved even as the town grows to a point that condos are now being marketed for "urban" amenities.

Incidently, I should mention that I took the above photo a couple of months ago as I intended to post it previously, and the building now has its exterior windows and other finishings, as reflected in some of the photos on the developer's website. I will return to showing more of the wildlife, beach and scenic photos that are the mainstay of this site during my posts tomorrow and the following days.


Sharon said...

Hopefully, Tamarindo will maintain it's beach town charm as this growth continues.

Anonymous said...

I thought it is interesting that they have all the different languages spelled out for welcome.

Julie said...

i like before and after shots

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