Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taboo Restaurant in Playa Langosta

This is Taboo Restaurant, one of our favorites. It is across the street about 1/2 block from our condo on the beach in the Play Langostsa area of Tamarindo.

As the photo shows, the menu is written on a chalk board on the wall, although they will also bring chalk boards to each table for easier reading. There is a very good wine selection as well. As this photo shows, even open-air restaurants in Tamarindo that look casual can be white-tablecloth, fine-dining.

One of Taboo's specialties is lobster bisque. The broth is thinner than is typical, but there is a small whole lobster in the bowl, leaving no doubt about the source of the flavor. A few of the items are visible on the chalk board menu if you zoom in on the photo, including a 2 pound lobster, beef tenderloin in Dijon sauce, pork in pineapple gargonzola, plus ribs, tuna pasta, and more.

My favorite recommendation with Taboo, however, is their chocolate desert. A friend of mine from Washington, D.C. stayed in our condo last year and reported that he went back to Taboo twice for the chocolate desert.

People who are considering staying in our Langosta condo will sometimes ask if a car is necessary or whether there are restaurants nearby in Langosta, which is a residential area. We enjoy walking to dinner almost every night, either at one of the Langosta restaurants, such as those that I have previously shown on this website, including Bistro Langosta and the Cala Luna Resort, or at one of the 50 restaurants in Tamarindo, which is a 10 minute walk. The concept of walking to dinner is rather novel for us Americans who were raised in suburbs where we had to drive everywhere.

One additional comment is in order regarding the above photo. This photo was taken on the night of our arrival in Tamarindo after taking two flights from the U.S. and the one-hour drive from the international airport in Liberia, except for my older son in the center of the photo, who lives in Buenos Aires and took three flights. My wife would probably want me to mention that disclaimer. My sons would not care.


Sharon said...

This looks like a very interesting place to eat. A whole lobster in the lobster bisque? That is very unique.

glenda said...

I remember the lobster bisque. it was good, but the chocolate dessert was the greatest! Nice picture.

Radman said...

forget the disclaimer, good looking family and sounds like my kind of place to wine/dine. thanks

Anonymous said...

The best restaurant in costa rica, by far.

Cathy said...

Does anyone know if this restaurant is still open?

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