Monday, February 2, 2009

Foot bridge over river

Here is another photo of the bridge that I showed yesterday. Several people yesterday left comments wondering if the bridge was sturdy. I therefore decided to show this photo today so that people would have another perspective of the bridge.

To answer the question directly, the bridge is very sturdy. It has cables from which the bridge is hanging, with wire fencing on the sides and a wire floor. It does sway a little, but not very much.

Tomorrow I will show a photo looking up river from the bridge, followed the next day by a photo showing a much trickier crossing of a creek up the trail.


Sharon said...

I don't mind a little sway! It looks very well built.

Anonymous said...

It is very thrilling bridge :)

Thank you for your kind answer on my blog!
You have travelled a lot and seen so many countries.
My travelmap is in my Facebook, if you have extra time to see that kind of map.

I don`t know, is a link working, it is too long :)

Jarart said...

I wouldn't mind walking across this bridge as long as there weren't any kids bouncing it. Look forward to the view tomorrow.

Kate said...

Never doubted its safety. Like the angle on this shot.

glenda said...

Love to walk over bridges like this. The movement of the bridge is always a little scary, but fun at the same time.

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