Sunday, March 8, 2009

La Laguna del Cocodrilo Restaurant

This is the La Laguna del Cocodrilo Restaurant, a beachfront restaurant in Tamarindo. As its name implies, there is a pond next to the restaurant and there are crocodiles in the pond. The crocodiles are content to stay there and they do not wonder about the restaurant, or other parts of the town of Tamarindo.

If you want to see a crocodile in the wild, I plan to post one tomorrow, taken from a very close, unusual and stupidly dangerous angle.

The first photo above, with my wife and two sons, was taken shooting into the sun, so the ocean in the background is washed out and not visible. I went back on another day earlier in the afternoon to take another photo, and the second photo is only slightly better in showing the beachfront location.

What type of food would you expect to have at a beachfront restaurant in Costa Rica that has its own lake and crocodile? As the sign in the third photo shows, this restaurant features "California French cuisine," and has live jazz on Friday nights. The restaurant features dishes such as coconut encrusted mahi mahi, with broccoli, Swiss char, sesame-jasmin rice cake, pineapple in a roasted red pepper sauce. There is similarly creative sea bass, duck breast, beef tenderloin, rosemary lemon chicken, and more.

As I have mentioned in the past, my wife is a "foodie" and the Cocodrilo is one of the restuarants in Tamarindo that we enjoy.
Here is a link to the website for the restaurant. The website is good and gives more information about the menu.

Some people Anglicize its name by refering to it as the Crocodile Restaurant. We did see the crocodile in the lake out back, but it was too dark and he was too far away to get a photo worth posting. Tomorrow's photo will be a crocodile in the wild closer than you could imagine.


Julie said...

This restaurant has great food and great service, although sometimes if you arrive very early for dinner (before they officially open), you may have to wait for a waiter to come in from the beach, put his surfboard away, change clothes and then serve you. It takes very little time and a nice drink while watching the crocodile holds you over until you order the real food. What a great example of pura vida though. This is what this area is all about.

Sharon said...

As long as the patrons do not become food for the crocodiles, the food sounds terrific.

glenda said...

Love this photo, includes some of my favorite people! Don't know about the crocodile, however.

Ineke said...

interesting menu, wouldn't exactly know what to make of it to be honest. NIce to see your family!!

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