Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tortuga Lodge pool

This is the pool and a lounge at the Tortuga Lodge. The pool provides a nice place for a dip in the water too cool off if visitors have been out in the jungle on a warm, humid day. You would not expect to see resort amenities like this in a location as remote as Tortuguero.

There was little travel to Tortuguero until the 1970s. In the late 1960s a canal was dug to connect Tortuguero and other coastal areas with the town of Moin, just outside the largest town in the area, Puerto Limon. The canal is 113 km. (70 miles) that links various rivers, lagoons and waterways in the coastal areas. Before the canal, travel to the area was difficult because the maze of rivers and lagoons prevented the construction of roads into the area. The Caribbean coast in the region lacks natural harbors and has strong surf, so there was not convenient access by boat.

With the canal, visitors to the area are brought in by boats operated by the various lodges. The Tortuga Lodge is a leading place to stay for visitors who want to enjoy the wildlife in the area or who want to go sports fishing in the Caribbean. The Lodge has a very good restaurant and comfortable amenities that you would not expect to find in the jungle.

Tomorrow, I will show you what the rooms look like, and explain why the howler monkeys who roamed through the area a daybreak would provide nature's alarm clock.


Sharon said...

This looks very appealing. I can't wait to see what the rooms look like.

brattcat said...

There's something about that bleached sky that really gives you a sense of the heat. Fascinating post. Thanks.

m_m said...

Nice place! I like your photo!

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