Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tamarindo Airport food service

Two days ago, I talked about how the Tamarindo Airport is small.  Nevertheless, it is not without its amenities. Do you want a snack at the airport? Well, there is food service available. Here it is. A cooler for drinks and a rack of snack packages.

At the small Tamarindo airport, there are no long lines. No long walks. No concourses with signs to direct you to the right gate. No moving sidewalks.  No luggage carousels.  And you need not worry about missing the flight announcement. You will hear your plane pull up in the airstrip right in front of the small open-air terminal. The total distance from the parking lot to the plane is about 50 meters.

When you arrive at the airport for a departing flight, the same airport attendant will greet you, will take your bag, check your ticket, go out on the runway to meet the arriving flight, load the bags onto the plane, and handle the boarding process. He is a sky cap, ticket counter clerk, baggage handler, gate agent, and runway worker, all in one. In between flights, you might find him practicing his soccer (football) on the little grassy area next to the terminal.

The person in this photo is my son Stuart, as we wait for the flight of my other son, Taylor.  Taylor flies in to Tamarindo because he lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he makes flight connections through San Jose.  Stuart, my wife and I fly to the international airport in Liberia, about an hour drive from Tamarindo.  It was the development of direct flights from the USA to Liberia a little less than 10 years ago that caused the tourism and real estate boom in the northwest Pacific coast area of Costa Rica, called Guanacaste.

Tomorrow, I will show you a "Madison Avenue" version of the Tamarindo Airport.


Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful how you have things worked out to meet and fly to meet at that and from all over the place. Amazing lifestyle completely different from anything we have experienced here where we live in Ohio.

Where I try to make inspirational photographs. Not always successful. Gobsmacks

brattcat said...

I've been in similar airports before. I love the feel of them. And the characters who wear so many different hats are always so interesting.

Kraxpelax said...

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MJ said...

Looks like all the food groups are covered - what more does one need?

Tucker said...

very cool!


Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Uhmm something tells me that I would love Tamarindo airport at first sight ;-)

henny said...

This airport sounds good. It reminds me with the one in a small town I used to live. One flight a week, passenger varied from pople to goats :)).

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