Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our condo from the ocean

This is our condo building, located on Playa Langosta to the right of the beachfront homes that I showed yesterday. I took this photo about a week or so ago, while on a fishing boat. I like this time of year in Guanacaste, our area of Northwest Costa Rica, as the hills have turned green following the sunny and dry season from November to May.

The hill behind the condo is actually on the other side of the Langosta Estuary, which has mangrove trees and wildlife. The estuary separates the southern end of Langosta from the inland area, and makes Langosta similar to a peninsula, with only one road in and out of the area, which is residential.

During the last two weeks I have shown photos of the beach area at Playa Langosta. Tamarindo is, after all , a beach town. For the next couple of weeks, the photos will leave the beach and show an adventure inland. It will include some of the adrenalin-pumping eco-adventures for which Costa Rica is famous.


brattcat said...

This is a beautiful shot. I like the way the architecture works with the environment. Are those sculptures on the top floor?

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Great image. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Tamarindo's inland:-)

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful shot of the condos. It is such an attractive building sporting the colors of an evening sunset.

glenda said...

The beach looks so inviting partly because you could almost have it to yourself. The blue of the water is so pretty. said...

Your knack for making observations about details in photos is uncanny.

Yes, there are statues depicting pre-Columbian figures placed along the edge of the 3rd floor roof line and on the patios on the 4th floor.

The units above us, comprising the 3rd and 4th floors, are two-story "penthouse" units. They have a master bedroom with an extra patio upstairs, on the 4th floor, where the roofline statues are located.

As long as you are studying the details of the photo, I will point out that our condo is on the 2nd floor with the balcony just above the spot where the dead tree trunk on the beach is pointing.

We like the 2nd floor location. The 3rd/4th floor units are 3 bedrooms and quite a bit more expensive. The 2nd floor provides a better view and more privacy than the ground floor units. And our floor is the ground level on the parking lot side of the building, so it is a short, straight walk to our front door, which is much more convenient when carrying groceries, taking in luggage, etc.

I agree with you that the condos do blend with the environment. I thought initially that the pumpkin and mustard color of our condo was a little bold, but it has grown on me. There is even another pumpkin and mustard color condo a block or so away from the beach.

In the future I will show photos of the "skyline" of the center of Tamarindo. There is a large new condo building that (unfortunately in my opinion) is painted white. It stands out too much from the green hills

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