Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stables and ox cart

Check SpellingThis is the horse corral at Hacienda Guachipelin, with a traditional Costa Rican ox cart. The horses that I showed yesterday wait in the corral for riders during the day, before returning to their pasture.

Farmers and ranchers take pride in the hand painting on their ox carts. It is still possible today to see ox carts in use in rural parts of Costa Rica.

Costa Rican farms tend to be smaller family farms than are typical in many other countries, and there are a lot of small family farms that are still a backbone of the economy today. This is possible because the major crop is coffee, which is grown in small plots rather than large plantations, unlike bananas.

Much of the central valley areas of Costa Rica are still small farms and villages. In the dryer northwest province of Guanacaste where Tamarindo is located, there are still small family farms, although large cattle ranches are also common, with some land holdings going back in time to the Spanish land grant days.

Hacienda Guachipelin is an example of one of those large cattle ranches, although it is today also used for eco-tourism and adventure activities such as what I have shown on this website during the last few weeks.

I will show a closer view of the ox cart tomorrow so that you can better appreciate the fine details of the painting, and will discuss further the culture of the ox carts.


Julie said...

a very colorful, artistic ox cart

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful ox cart. I've seen carts like this here used as decor for Mexican Restuarants. It's great to know their true use.

Jacob said...

I like the fact that there are still smaller family farms in Costa Rica, and I like this beautiful ox cart...I'll look forward to seeing more of it!

glenda said...

The beautiful painted carts were one of the surprises of my visit to Costa Rica. They were loaded down with various items from wood to produce.

glenda said...

Dave adding a comment. If you want a good laugh, go to Ina in Alaska blog. You will love it as well as the comments.

JM said...

Costa Rican ox carts are the most beautiful I have ever seen!

Rosemildo Sales Furtado said...

Olá! Realmente o carro de boi foi uma peça importantíssima na agricultura mundial. Hoje já não se encontram em atividade, pois as máquinas assumiram o posto e aposentaram os saudosos carros.

Põe um tradutor que ficará mais fácil para entender e comentar.


Furtado. said...


Thank you for your comment. I used Google Translator to translate your comment from Portugese into English. Here is the result:

Hello! Actually ox carts were a very important part in agriculture worldwide. Today are no longer in activity, as machines took their place and retired the wistful carts.

Put a translator that will be easier to understand and comment.


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