Friday, August 21, 2009

Mouth of the Langosta Estuary

To supplement our aerial tour of Tamarindo, here is a ground level, or should I say beach or water level, view of the mouth of the Langosta Estuary.  This is the same location that I showed in yesterday's aerial photo.  

Yesterday Glenda left a comment that she would like to canoe up the estuary.  There are people who paddle kayaks up the estuary.  The Barcelo Resort is located at the mouth of the estuary and keep several kayaks on the beach for its guests to use.  

The estuary is line with mangrove trees.  In upcoming posts, I will show more photos of hte Tamarindo estuary to share views of the ecology of a tropical mangrove estuary.   


glenda said...

Looking forward to the trip through the estuary. This area is a haven for wildlife I would imagine.

brattcat said...

Is that haze that makes the hills in the background browner?

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