Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tamarindo and Langosta

These two photos show the boundary between Tamarindo and Langosta. In the top photo, the southern end of Tamarindo beach is in the foreground, with Langosta beach in the background.

You can see the effects of the recent growth of Tamarindo, with the seven-story Naxos and Peninsula condos rising above the tree line. Because of the building restrictions I mentioned a few days ago, the remainder of Langosta should retain its low density residential character.

The second photo shows the San Francisco point that is to the right of the area shown in the top photo. That point is the dividing line between Tamarindo and Langosta. The point and an off-shore reef and small island protects the southern end of Tamarindo bay from the full force of the ocean's waves. The new Crystal Sands condo building out by the point is visible in the photo.


brattcat said...

Your son was pretty high up in that fun little flying machine!

Sharon said...

This is a good way to see the shape of the coastline.

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