Monday, September 7, 2009

Mangroves in the estuary headwaters

We are now in the headwaters of the Tamarindo estuary. Unlike the wide expanse of water shown the last two days, we are now snaking through narrow waterways of still water lined with dense mangroves.

Most of this area is wonderful habitat for wildlife, but impassible for humans. The mangroves are so thick that it would be impossible to get out of the boat and try to walk through them.

I have read some articles about how mangroves are depleted in the southeastern USA because of the population growth of Florida and development of coastal areas. Costa Rica has set aside 25% of its land area as national parks and wildlife refuges, more than any other country.

Although Tamarindo has grown a lot in recent years, it is comforting to know that on the northern edge of town there is a large natural area such as what you see in this series of photos, set aside for wildlife, and on the southern edge of town is the Langosta estuary, whcih is not as large but is also a mangrove estuary.

If you missed yesterday's post, this is a little reminder that we did a new post on Sunday on our travel photo site, which is and this week we are showing photos of Buenos Aires.


brattcat said...

I love this, Dave. It feel like the forest primeval.

Paulo Camacho said...

I believe you lieve in a paradise in earth.
Nice photos and a good blog.
I will follow you blog.
If you have time, you can see my blog
Paulo Camacho

Sharon said...

That certainly is a tangle of growth!

glenda said...

Good for the people of Costa Rica to preserve large areas of their environment. The mangroves are truly a beautiful sight.

JM said...

This is a great shot of the mangrove area! One can really feel the atmosphere.

David, there was no earlier bridge over the Tagus in Lisbon... :-) Maybe there was a kind of a bridge in one of the docks or something of the kind, but I really don't know...

Julie said...

the reflections and the mangrove roots are fabulous. very nice photo.

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