Thursday, September 10, 2009

Termite mound in the mangroves

What could live in the dense mangroves? I already showed you an attractive kingfisher. I apologize, but here is the unattractive dwelling of unattractive inhabitants -- a huge termite mound perched in the mangrove branches.

Mangrove forests must be a great place for termites, as there is lots of wood and lots of places to hide from predators.

With termite mounds like this, I am glad that both of our two condos in Tamarindo are built of concrete. The exterior and interior walls are reinforced concrete, so there is nothing structural that would appeal to termites, and nothing structural to burn, and the construction is strong for earthquake protection.

I promise that I will not show any more insects or insect dwellings during my photos of the estuary, but I will not promise that all of the animals I will show will be attractive.


Leif Hagen said...

Yuck - stand back!

brattcat said...

Ohhh, this promises to be an interesting tour.

Julie said...

termites Uggh! I am with Leif on his sentiment

glenda said...

What a mound! Did you see any of the termites? said...

We did not see any termites, although we did not look for them, either.

The termite mound in today's photo was hanging over the water in a mangrove thicket. We later saw a huge termite mound up in a tree on our walk, but I am leaning against posting a photo of it.

I am doubtful that people would want to see more than one termite mound on this little series I am running of the estuary tour. Someone might even complaint in a comment that "if you have seen one termite mound in a tree, you've seen them all."

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