Monday, November 23, 2009

Beach at the Barcelo Resort

This is the beach at the Barcelo Langosta Resort, which I showed yesterday. The Pacific Ocean is to the right, and the mouth of the Langosta Estuary is in the center of this photo. Across the mouth of the estuary you can walk for miles along Langosta Beach. This beach is very popular with surfers. One person who stayed in our Langosta Beach condo described it as "epic surfing."

Our condo is about 50 meters behind the spot where this photo was taken. We do not surf, but we love to go for walks along the beach.


brattcat said...

I would gladly join you on some of those walks.

algonquin homes said...

That is a great place to enjoy a walk in the early morning. I love to go for a walk in an area like that and it looks amazing with the vast space to walk about.

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