Monday, December 7, 2009

The dog's friend heads home

The gray dog we have been showing the last few days was distracted by the surfer girl coming out of the water. Why? Because that meant that the gray dog's play session with the light brown dog would come to an end, as the brown dog would be following the surfer girl home.

The brown dog lingered for just a little while to say goodbye to the gray dog, so he had to run to catch up to the departing surfer girl, as you can see by this photo in which the dog is kicking up a little sand and three of his legs are off the ground.

The dogs will have to hope that their surfing masters will surf again at the same time on another day so that they can romp in the surf together again.

My guess is that the surfers might like that, too.

This week we are showing photos of Xcaret, an eco-park with a spectacular dinner show on the Riviera Maya, south of Cancun, Mexico, on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Kate said...

Hmm! I wonder which is more important...the canine friendship with one another, or owner-dog friendship?

Sharon said...

I'm somehow comforted to know those dogs can entertain themselves while their masters are out enjoying their own sport.

Jarart said...

You captured the moment just right! Did you ever see the grey dog's master come back? said...

I left the beach shortly after the surfer girl and brown dog left, before the grey dog's master finished surfing.

P.S. There is absolutely no connection between the two events and it was just a coincidence that I left shortly after the surfer girl.

Jilly said...

I missed the end of this series but so enjoyed the photos of the dogs.

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