Saturday, December 5, 2009

The dog is distracted

The dog we have been watching had his attention distracted from the other dog with whom he had been playing in the surf. Why do you think that he was distracted?

You probably think that is a stupid question. If you think you know the answer by looking at today's photo, I should remind you that our dog is a dog, not a man. But this photo clearly showed that the gray dog has his attention distracted from playing with the brown dog by the surfer girl walking from the water up onto the beach. The dog stopped, stared, and turned his head as his eyes followed the surfer girl. Would the dog be capable of a whistle or a "cat call?"

As usual, answers will be forthcoming in the photos to be posted in the days ahead.

This week we are showing photos of Ek Balam, a unique but lesser-known Mayan site in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, on our Viva la Voyage site.


Sharon said...

I think he's looking at something else just outside of the picture! said...

I think he might have turned his head a little too far to the left, but his eyeballs are probably looking to the right so it would not be too obvious that he was gawking at the surfer girl.

Well, maybe not. His jaw has not dropped far enough.

glenda said...

Hmmmmm. Ponder the moment.

Gunn White said...

This is a photo that says more than "1000 words" ;-)
Well, perhaps not?
Anyway, I like it. Nice blog too!

bathmate said...

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