Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping Center Maintenance

Here is a worker performing some maintenance high on a ladder at the Garden Plaza Shopping Center. There is a shade structure with a canvas stretched across the central atrium of the shopping center to shelter the shopping center from the direct rays of the sun.

Yesterday I wrote about the Apple computer dealer located in this same shopping center. Here you see a computer store that carries Dell and other products.

This gives me a chance to talk about one other technology item that was the subject of a recent newspaper article. Microsoft has donated funds and computers, with the assistance of the U.S. State Department, to create a computer learning center for disabled people in Santa Cruz, which is the municipal town that governs Tamarindo. (Tamarindo is not incorporated as a separate town, so the city government is located in Santa Cruz, about 20 minutes inland.)

The new computer center will teach computer skills to disabled people both for their own enrichment and to enhance their job skills. Obviously such programs are extremely worthwhile and the support of U.S. companies and the government are appreciated.

Today is Sunday, so we have posted new photos on Viva la Voyage. This week we are showing photos of the animals of Monterrey, California.


Sharon said...

I am pretty sure that is a job I could not do.

glenda said...

Good grief what a scary job that would be.

Julie said...

that is a tall ladder and a scary task

David said...

I am happy that US government and companies there, are helping the disabled people to find their jobs by providing good training in developing computer skills.
Hope the man in the ladder is safe.

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