Friday, March 19, 2010

Julie's "rescue" is complete

Julie is happy to be back on the Tamarindo/Langosta side of the Langosta estuary. With a nice tip, the lifeguard is off to kayak back to his lifeguard station and tell his buddies about his rescue of the short-sighted blond American who took a long walk down the beach and forgot about the high tide.

Julie has left comments to this series of posts justifying her apparent helplessness that caused the lifeguard to rescue her by saying that she did not want to get her camera wet.

I should therefore point out that I swam back across the estuary, and obviously I had my camera with me, as my photos of Julie's rescue prove. I held my camera in a small pack up out of the water with one hand as I swam across, keeping the camera dry above the waves. When I reached the other shore, my son reached out so I could hand him the camera while I climbed out of the water.

You can guess what happened next. The camera dropped into the ocean. It was not a waterproof camera, but we grabbed it so fast that the water did not penetrate the pack, and the camera was fine, as these photos attest.

Having finished this "rescue" series, tomorrow I will tell a story that was in the newspaper recently about a rescue at sea near Tamarindo that is absolutely remarkable.

On our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week, we are showing photos of the Mezquita Cathedral in Cordova, Spain and the Escorial outside Madrid.


brattcat said...

What a happy ending! I love the grin on the rescuer's face. I love the confident stride of the rescued. So glad no harm was done to your camera. Can't wait for the next tale to commence.

Sharon said...

Alls well that ends well. I wonder if there is a tide schedule posted anywhere in Tamarindo.

glenda said...

Happy ending!

JM said...

Great coverage on Julie's rescue, David! With this happy ending I may say it is a cool series.

Julie said...

I had camera, blackberry, cell phone and more and was very concerned about dropping it in the water. I was very grateful for this kayak ride.

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