Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spanish school in Tamarindo

Yesterday I showed typical pedestrians in Tamarindo, who were obviously tourists out to have fun. So today I will show that not everyone in Tamarindo is there just for tropical fun. It is possible to attend Spanish classes while staying or vacationing in Tamarindo, as this sign for the school announces. Here is a link to the website for the Wayra Spanish language school.

My son is fluent in Spanish, as he lives in Argentina. I wish I knew Spanish, but I took Russian as my language in high school and college. I will dedicate myself to learning Spanish one day.

In Tamarindo it is possible to get along just fine speaking English. Visitors do not need even to change their money, as stores and restaurant sprice their goods in dollars, they accept dollars, and even the ATM machines give an option of receiving your money in dollars

The unusual color of the sky through the trees is due to the fact that it was sunset time.

This week we are showing photos of Uxmal on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site In some respects it is more enjoyale than nearby Chichen Itza.


Kate said...

Our educational system is so remiss by not requiring fluency in at least one other language. I've been trying to learn Spanish for years; I can get along just fine when I'm in Mexico with my limited ability, but always lose even that after I leave. I could have used it in New Mexico, too.

brattcat said...

I agree with Kate. Have you retained any of your Russian?

Sharon said...

I totally agree with Kate. It is such a shame that we don't teach other languages very early when children learn easily and quickly. When I've traveled in Europe, I've always been impressed by people who speak 3 and sometimes 4 languages fluently!

Julie said...

COsta Rica is a great place to learn or improve one's Spanish. Beach in the morning, calls in the afternoon

Rob and Mandy said...

Yep, I should do it as well. Although living in Spain, I speak mostly english at work and at home. Well, I can understand it quite well, which helps. And the official language here is catalan, not spanish.
Costa Rica seems to me a fantastic place to learn spanish! Espanol a la playa!

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