Monday, May 3, 2010

Diria Resort pool

This is a wider view of yesterday's statue. As you can see today, it is on an island in the large, free-form pool next to the condo buildings and garden hotel units at the Tamarindo Diria Resort. The pool is 10,000 square feet (929 square meters) and has a swim-up bar.

The pool also has sides like a beach were you can just walk in, which is very popular with children, as they can wade into whatever depth is comfortable for them. The pool is also popular with adults, as it is large and has secluded coves so that you can find peace and quiet even if there are children down at the other end of the pool.

At the far right edge of this photo you can see a portion of the amphitheater where the Diria Resort sometimes has concerts, including a New Year's Eve Party that we attended on our first trip to Costa Rica in 2005 when we stayed at the Diria, fell in love with Tamarindo and bought the first of our two condos here.

This week we are showing photos of Tanzania on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site, including some of the wildlife on a photo safari. Come take a look.


brattcat said...

It's so interesting, Dave, that of all the place you and Julie have been, it was Costa Rica that became your second home. Can you say why?

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting place to see and I suspect even more interesting to be.

Sharon said...

It's like a little oasis!

JM said...

Wonderful shot of the resort!

glenda said...

Beautiful pool. You and Julie were again on the same wave length for your blogs. I like the idea you can find a private spot here.

Leif Hagen said...

You and Julie both posted luscious, mouth-watering vacation pool views! That'd be great about January or February when it's minus 20 degrees here in Minnesota! said...


You have raised an interesting question. We visited Costa Rica for the first time in December 2005, spending one week traveling around the country on a tour and then we added on one week on our own at the Tamarindo Diria Resort. We loved it and decided to buy a condo in a new condo building at the resort on which they were about to start construction. About two years later, we bought a second condo in a building right on the ocean in Playa Langosta, about a half mile or so away.

The following were our reasons.

1. The beach is ideal. It is perfect for swimming, gradual slope, crescent shaped, beautiful scenery, nice waves, etc. Also, the water is warm, but not too warm, all year around. We find the Pacific ocean in California too cold to swim in comfortably.

2. Prices of having a condo on the beach in Tamarindo are a fraction of what it would cost in California or Hawaii. Our places were not cheap, but they were not what we would pay in California or Hawaii, which would be the two U.S. beach areas of greatest interest to us, since we are in Arizona.

3. Costa Rica has no restrictions on foreign ownership of property. Unlike Mexico, it is easy to own property in fee simple. Title insurance is available from the same title companies that operate in the USA (or that are affiliated with the US title companies.)

4. Costa Rica is a stable democracy. it is the only country in Central America with more than 50 years of 100% peaceful and stable transitions of power domestically. That attitude is a very strong part of the civic culture and pride that we are comfortable making an investment there, as are many other Americans.

5. Costa Rica has a great reputation in the USA and Canada. Lots of people have gone there and want to go there. That helps rental occupancy and income from our condos when we are not there. Eco-tourism is the country's number one industry, so there is a recognition by the government and the public to keep the country a desirable place for tourism and foreign investment.

6. Costa Rica is relative close. It is only a few hours south of Texas by air. There are non stop flights from the USA to the international airport in Liberia, just one hour away from Tamarindo.

7. There are good property management companies in Tamarindo who have a good track record of managing and taking care of property while we are gone.

8. There are about 40 restaurants in Tamarindo, and Julie in particular likes to try different restaurants for dinner. (And you can drink the water and eat the food without problems.) We therefore decided to buy a place where we could walk to dinner in town, rather than at a master planned development outside of town where we would be limited to a resort dining room unless we drove somewhere else. We also like being in town where we have more connection to the country and community than in a gated, isolated development.

9. Tamarindo and Costa Rica appeal to people of all ages. It is wonderful for families with small children, teenagers, adults and retirees. The people who rent our condos fit in all of those categories.

10. Both of our condos were built by the same developer, designed by the same architect, with a track record of developing quality projects. There are condos in town that cost half or even one fifth of what we paid, but you get what you pay for. Our condos have the quality of features and amenities that you would expect to find in high end projects in the USA.

11. There was also security buying condos from the developer that owns the largest resort in town. That lessened the risk of putting money down, pre-construction, and then worrying about whether the developer would run out of money before the building or project were finished.

Lois said...

I love the bridge!

Jarart said...

So beautiful!

brattcat said...

Dave, thanks so much for your response. I can see your thought process and understand much more clearly why you and Julie made the decision to invest in Costa Rica.

Nick said...

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