Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Colors of Sunset

Tamarindo has the most gorgeous sunsets.

As you can see from this photo, the colors of the sky are like a painting with the boats evoking adventure.

Have you ever gone sailing on a boat in the ocean? What was your experience?

(I as a Sea Scout when I was in high school, but we no longer lived in Coronado, California or in Hawaii at that time. I learned a did my sailing in the Mississippi River after we moved to St. Louis. Sailing in a river, with large barges going by is tricky.)

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brattcat said...

I've never had that experience...I've been on a traditional Turkish sailing boat in the Aegean but I bet that's nothing like being on the ocean.

Sharon said...

The only time I've been in a sail boat is on Lake Michigan while working in Chicago.

Bloggin in PA said...

This is so beautiful! I cannot wait for my trip there in July!!!

JM said...

Amazing sunset colours, David! Great photo!

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