Monday, July 19, 2010

Longboards Restaurant

Here is another photo of Longboards Restaurant, which I showed with the happy owners, Stephanie and Brian, yesterday. The restaurant has been open exactly two weeks, today.

I don't know who the couple is in the foreground. I got up from my table with my camera, tried to unobtrusively take a photo without a flash, and these complete strangers turned around, smiled, and he gave me the thumbs up sign. They must be enjoying their dinner and their vacation in Tamarindo.

I showed a photo and talked about Brahman cattle the day before yesterday. Here is what I learned talking to Stephanie and Brian. I asked them if it was a challenge to get all the food products that they need for a barbeque restaurant in a beach town like Tamarindo. They told me that they get excellent chicken and pork with no problem. But the barbeque beef brisket is a challenge because the beef in Costa Rica is very lean because it comes from the Brahman cattle adapted to the Costa Rican climate. They said that the Costa Rican cattle industry is experimenting with a hybrid of Brahman and Angus cattle to diversify the local beef supply.

Judging from the dinner that Lonnie and I enjoyed, we would say that Stephanie and Brian are up to the challenge of making excellent barbeque from the local beef.

Here is a little mental challenge for you. If you were going to open a restaurant called Longboards in a Costa Rican surfing town like Tamarindo, what would you choose for your logo? I will show you the answer tomorrow.

We are showing photos of the Big Island of Hawaii, especially aerial photos of an active volcano, this week on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Kate said...

Well, the obvious answer would be...longboards. But, I guess that would be too easy; how about crashing waves?! Or a Brahman cattle; nah, don't think so.

Sharon said...

Interesting about the cattle. I love the couple in the picture and how they joined in for your photo.

Lois said...

How about a cow surfing on a longboard?

Julie said...

looks like a fun place to eat, as well as good food!

glenda said...

You are making my mouth water. I like Lois's guess on the restaurant Logo.

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