Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dog ready to fetch stick

Yesterday I showed a little girl playing with a stick. Today I begin a series of a young woman and her dog playing with stick.

This photo shows a woman with her yellow labrador retriever. The dog and master are both very well trained by each other.

The dog is poised, with anticipation and concentration, and the woman directing him to stay still, as she hides the stick and is about to throw it.

I will continue this series tomorrow.

Please check out our photos of the gardens of the Villa Monestero on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site. It is a special place.


Kate said...

Children, dogs, and adults ALL love to play, especially on a beautiful beach. Nice shot!

Sharon said...

I love the excited look on that dog's face. You can tell he's ready for some fun.

Julie said...

this looks like a perfect beach dog. the dogs love to play at the ocean in Costa Rica

Jarart said...

The look of joy on the dogs face is priceless.

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