Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aerial Photo of Playas del Coco

Here is another aerial photo of Playas del Coco, from a different angle and closer than yesterday's photo.

Several things are apparent in this photo. First, there is not a lot of development or buildings right on the beach. The main commercial street runs perpendicular to the beach.

Second, there are not many condo buildings. Unlike Tamarindo, there are no condos that are 7 or 8 stories high near the beach. Most of the buildings are small houses.

Playas del Coco is very different than Tamarindo for an additional reason. Most of the people who live in Playas del Coco are Costa Ricans. Most of the homes, shops and other buildings are for locals, although there are some tourist businesses as well. In Tamarindo, almost everyone is a foreigner.

Many of the condos and houses for foreigners have been built on the hills in this area to capture views of the ocean, which is very scenic, as you can tell in this and yesterday's photo.

I will show some ground and beach-level photos in the days ahead.

We are showing photos of the red rock scenery of Sedona, Arizona, this week on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Sharon said...

I notice there are quite a few boats in that little natural harbor.

glenda said...

Another great photo from the air. Looks like a great place to live. I enlarged this one to get a better view of the boats.

Pedro D. H. said...

great view! Let's skydiving!

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