Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Horseback rides on the beach

This is a photo of the horse that was being offered for horseback rides. The woman in the white bikini I showed the other day was getting a "test drive" on the horse, and she made an appointment to have a regular horseback ride later in the day.

The man offering his horse for rides explained that riding horses on the Tamarindo beach is not allowed, except for a very short distance just to get a photo and to experience riding on the beach. They want to keep the beach clean, which I agree makes sense.

There are plenty of roads and trails around without much traffic, so there are good places to ride, without riding on the beach.

This photo also provides a nice view from the north side of Tamarindo Beach across Tamarindo Bay to Cabo Velas.

Montenegro is the subject of photos this week on our travel photo site, Viva la Voyage.


Sharon said...

A very good sales technique!

Jarart said...

Aha! Good idea.

Kate said...

There is something special, tho, about riding on the beach.

JM said...

Excellent composition, David!

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