Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunscreen applied

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday. But you can relax. This guy did not leave an "X" glob of sunscreen on his wife's back.

It is important to apply sunscreen when Americans, Canadians and Europeans vacation on the beach in Costa Rica because we are closer to the equator and the sun is more intense.

I once went on a snorkeling trip on a Tamarindo boat excursion, and my wife was not feeling well so she cancelled. I knew I would get too much sun floating on the top of the water looking down. A lady on the boat volunteered to put sunscreen on my back, but I thought that would be too personal and an imposition so I declined her kind offer. I later regretted that decision. What would you do? Allow a stranger to rub lotion your back? I now have a diver's shirt to wear when swimming or snorkeling so I will not have that problem again.

We have photos of the Nazca lines in Peru on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week. If you have not been there, you owe yourself a look at one of the most amazing sights on earth and a remarkable and puzzling achievement of man centuries ago.


Mo said...

Absolutely have someone put sunscreen on your back. Better than sun damage.

brattcat said...

welcome home.

Sharon said...

I burn way too easily. I'd let a stranger apply sun block.

Jilly said...

Love this and yesterday's. Yes I'd absolutely let a stranger put sunscreen on my back...the story of my life!

Welcome back.

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