Friday, February 25, 2011

The back side of a ginger flower

A month or two ago, I showed a photo of the front of this type of wild ginger flower. You can see it again here. I thought I would show a photo of the back side of the flower to show its structure.

This flower resembles some cactus flowers in its shape, structure and size, as reader's of my wife's Scottsdale Daily Photo website will recognize. Julie shows lots of macro photos of flowers, particularly cactus flowers, on her site.

I don't normally take macro flower shots, but I thought I take a few either because I think Julie or readers of this blog might like them. I also take macro flower shots at times when I am with Julie and she does not want to take the time or trouble to change lenses or if she does not have her macro lens with her.

We are showing photos of Easter Island this week on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site


Julie said...

I have always liked ginger

Sharon said...

This is a wonderful photo of a very unusual flower.

Jarart said...

I'm glad you showed it from this side. It gives an all new perspective of this lovely bloom. Are those spiders or bees on it?

I bet you never thought you would be a hand model.

Minneapolis Flower Shops said...

This is a nice looking flower. Very unusual but in an interesting way.

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