Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Factory or mill

The factory or mill in this photo was just across the river from the spot where I took the photos I have shown during the past week. This will show you how high the men and oxen had to haul their heavy loads of wet sand.

I do not know what type of factory or mill this is, although I suspect that it is a sugar cane mill because of the incinerators with smoke stacks outside. Also, there is a lot of sugar cane grown in this area.

One thing that is curious in this photo is that to reach the mill, you have to cross the river, but instead of building a bridge, they laid a road across the river, with a lot of big cement pipes underneath to carry the water. As the height of the river bank shows, there are times that the river water covers the road. So how do you think workers get to the mill with the river is high?

As you have guessed, the answer will be shown tomorrow.

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Sharon said...

That factory is an unexpected sight.

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