Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ox cart in the river

There is something more going on in the river than an ox cart crossing from one side to another. Here you see a man bending over and doing something.

There is something in the ox cart. A bucket. The man has a pole in his hand. Could they be fishermen who are hauling their catch out of the river in an ox cart? That would be better than trying to carry fish out.

More tomorrow.

We are showing the spectacular scenery of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, near the southern tip of Chile on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week.


Leif Hagen said...

That an amazing scene you captured with your camera! I tried to comment on Julie's desert sunset photo but couldn't get it to work?
Enjoy your visit with Rob and Mandy!
Bon voyage!

Margaret said...

Maybe his wheel is broken.
I have to look at your Torres del Paine (One of my favorite places)!

cieldequimper said...

That's a marvellous photo. I hope he wasn't stuck there.

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