Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pablo the Gardener

Because I have shown a series of photos of some of the flowers and butterflies around our Langosta Beach condo, I should show a photo of the person who keeps the garden looking nice, Pablo, the gardener. He takes pride in his work.

Several days ago Brattcat left a comment asking aobut security in Costa Rica in response to information I posted about the President of Costa Rica securing an international loan to improve security. Here are my thoughts.

Julie and I have always felt safe in Tamarindo. We walk to dinner at night. When Julie and Sharon stayed there without me, the two women walked back from dinner and felt safe. Both of our condo buildings have guards and are gated, as are most of the larger and nicer condo buildings. To drive or walk into Langosta, people have to go by the security guards who are in front of several of the buildings. During the day Pablo also helps keep an eye on things, and the security guard in front of our building also patrols the grounds.

Although I do not consider crime to be a problem, people should take the same precautions as when traveling in other areas, including the USA. Do not leave valuables on the beach while you go out swimming. Lock your doors. Don't leave valuables in plain view in a parked car, and Julie and I do not hang out in bars late at night. There is some petty snatch and grab crime, but very little violent crime.

There is a small police station in Tamarindo and increased police patrols, but the law enforcement infrastructure is not what you would find in a major developed country such as the USA. The loan the President Chinchilla recently secured is in part to build up the public safety infrastructure. Costa Rica has no military. So in time of earthquakes, etc., it does not have the major resources or logistics that a military provides. The police have only a couple of very small helicopters for the entire country.

On our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week we are showing wildlife and scenery from the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania.


brattcat said...

Thanks for this information, Dave. I understand much better now.

Sharon said...

I can vouch for what Dave is saying. I felt perfectly safe while in Costa Rica.

Jarart said...

Well done, Pablo!

helpfindmichaeldixon said...

While I'm very glad to hear you and your friends felt safe, you should know that the United Kingdom government just published an official warning about the increasing number of missing people in Costa Rica.



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