Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking down on the trees and beach

Here is another view of the beach from the Crystal Sands condo penthouse balcony. The lush greenery comes very close to the beach, and you can see some red flowers in bloom on the tree tops.

I visited the Crystal Sands condo twice, once at low tide and once at high tide. If you look at the photo of the hot tub on the balcony compared to the same scene visible in this photo, you can see the large difference between low tide and high tide.

The top of this photo is the point that divides Langosta Beach from Tamarindo Bay. Sometimes we walk from our Langosta beach condo around this point, and then walk along Langosta beach to one of the many restaurants in the middle of Tamarindo. It is nice to be able to walk to dinner along the beach. We walk along the road on the way back at night after dinner, of course.

We are showing photos of Chicago at night on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week.


Sharon said...

I'm glad you said to compare the two photos, it really does show the difference the tide makes.

Kate said...

'Lush" is the best word to describe so much of the foliage you have shown us in your many photos. It looks like a modern Garden of Eden.

Jack said...

Kate got here first. I was going to say that "lush" certainly applies to this shot.

I agree with your comments today. Neighboring cities pushing money at retailers to locate inevitable stores on one side or another of the city line is dumb. What drives me nuts about the Jackson Lab deal is that I think it is highly likely that the State will spend a gazillion dollars and nothing much will happen at all. I am very dubious about this company building something real.

JM said...

Love the lushness!

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