Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maybe the shirt was simply to be used as a hat

It is often warm in Tamarindo, and it appears that the horseback rider removed his shirt for the simple reason that he apparently forgot his hat and wanted some sun protection for his head.

At least it did not appear that the horseback rider said that he would take off his shirt if the tourist took of his.

It also looks like the horseback rider is pointing out directions the tourist.  My guess is that the horseback rider sells horseback riding to visitors and he is pointing out suggested areas fort the visitor to ride the horse.

People are not supposed to ride horses on the beach in Tamarindo, although every once in a while people do at the far south end of the beach where there are not many people.  In the past I posted some photos of a woman in a white bikini horseback riding on the beach, and those posts remain frequent places where readers land on my site based on Google searches that people evidently do for photos of women in bikinis horseback riding on a beach.

The search terms that cause people to land on my site are diverse.  Another post that people keep landing on is one I did about three years ago that showed the late Michael Landon's former house in a valley near San Jose.  People searching for information on Michael Landon apparently find a reference to my post showing his former house.

This week we have photos of the ancient Khmer temples around Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia posted  on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Judy said...

Maybe you should have called this one "the bare chested horseback rider" just to see if it got more hits.
I would not have known how to make a shirt into a hat. Must not be the first time he has done it.

Sharon said...

I see a lot of people in the background who appear to be waiting for something; a bus perhaps?

Bob Crowe said...

Interesting idea. I've never bothered to look up my posts with the greatest hits or frequent search terms on Google Analytics.

By the way, I enlarged the picture. The tourist looks pretty clueless.

Jack said...

I think I am going to insert the word voluptuous into all of my posts from now on to see if I get more viewers. Except maybe not many can spell voluptuous.

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